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Review: Juno — or Life doesn’t always fall to pieces when …

Saw Juno tonight, and as good as I’d heard it be to. Cute, funny, sweet and endearingly entertaining. Top notch cast, especially Ellen Page and JK Simmons. Excellecntly written and very likely to win an Oscar for that soon.

With the little bit of moral outrage I’ve heard about for this movie, I was glad to see that proven idiotic. Really nice to see a story like this that wasn’t all doom and gloom. I think it’s nice to show people from time to time that if you do screw up, it’s not always going to ruin your life, that people do help you, and that people will be nice most of the time.

But at the same time it was quite real, while being a fairytale of sorts at the same time. Juno was an appealingly flawed character, which is always good to do. I suspect she’s very real and indicative of teenage girls, or at least the quirky and intelligent ones 🙂

From a writing perspective, there is a lot of things to note from it — appealing dialogue, interesting characters, a sweet story. Would have been an inexpensive film too, which is always interesting to note for local makers.

If you haven’t seen it, you really need to. Especially good as a date movie 🙂

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