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Hooray for …

My son Will (age 3 and a half) started back at his one day a week kindergarten yesterday after the Christmas break, and since I take him and his brother Alex there each morning, I was keen to see how he’d take it.

For some reason, since he started at this new one after we moved a few months ago, he’d been really nervous and upset each morning before leaving, and just after we got there. Apparently he was fine later, but it was never fun to leave a tearful little boy each Wednesday morning.

So yesterday, it was good to see his mood seemed upbeat, and he was happy when we left. I pushed the pram down the street, and just said outloud to keep him cheerful, “Hooray for kindy!”

From the front of the pram, I then heard him say “Hooray for kindy!” Then a pause. “Hooray for Mummy!” Another pause. “Hooray for Incredibles!”

He was happy 🙂 When I said goodby to him at the kindergarten five minutes later, it was the best mood I’d ever seen him in there.

What would you say hooray for right now?

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