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The best TV show I’ve never seen

… is definitely The Wire. HBO’s crime drama about the streets of Baltimore, seen from all sides — cops, drug dealers, schools, media — is about to start its last season, and I’ve never seen a single episode.

I’ve just never had a chance. It’s never had a decent run in Australia (appearing only briefly late at night on damn channel nine), and I’ve never even seen a single episode as I have with some other shows.

Even worse for me is that it’s created by David Simon, who’s book “Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets” was the basis for the ’90s cop drama “Homicide: Life on the Streets”, one of my favourite shows ever. Simon eventually got involved in writing for Homicide, which led to his further work for TV, which led to The Wire.

Will have to remedy this somehow … not even sure if DVDs of the series are available locally.

Link to an excellent blog on the show, recommended by Kottke, but there’s articles on the show all over the place. Another recommendation is this profile on David Simon.

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