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When you need all the encouragement in the world …

Looking for every excuse possible to make sure I continue blogging daily, I signed up with this “Blog 365” thing through Ning, which is basically just a big group of people looking to encourage each other to blog every day for a year. There’s nearly a thousand people in the group already, so at the very least it’s some kind of potential audience for my site to start with.

Of course, it was going to look like I didn’t post on Saturday, mostly because I spent the night out at a family 50th birthday party (wife’s uncle), but then I recall that Blogger actually lets you backdate your posts. Hello daily posting again … though after midnight is still the same waking day of course šŸ™‚

Sign up to Blog 365 people! And keep the encouragement coming. Now I just need to find a writing group or something, keep that going every day too.

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