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Goals for 2008

There’s always time for New Year’s resolutions at this time of year, or goals, or whatever you want to call. Of course, I get into this trap often enough and make promises I won’t keep, which seems kind of pointless. But here’s as honest an attempt as I can hope for:

Online — Keep this blog going, keep it active and keep it relevant. Post a lot, if not every day, then as often as I can manage, so that it’s fresh and new. Make this site a professional resource that can aid my writing career as wel las be a good blog.

Personal — Most things in my home and family life and quite good, but I know I could do with expanding my social circle, and better maintaining what I have. Seek out people, and keep in touch with them. Look for people that I have true interests and goals in common with — especially writers. But look for friends, not networking opportunities.

On some personal issues, follow up, be prompt, and don’t procrastinate!

Family life is good, but we could be doing so much better if our finances were better. So much has been cleaned up in the last few years, but we have to get past the treading water stage and into some actual saving. Several ways around this:

Professional/Work — I have to make this work better. Ideally, I need to earn more money, whether by extra work, or by changing something with my main job. I’d rather stay where I am, but there are always options.

Professional/Writing — I start a new novel today. “Young Adult” field, with a genre and story I’ve been thinking about for a little while. And limited scope by design — if I do this right, I can have a proper draft finished by Easter. This will hopefuly add this things financially, but that can’t be a primary goal yet. But keep an eye on other writing options that will add to finances (non-fiction big and small, especialyl that Guru site).

The year starts now.

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