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Oscar results 2005

There’s a million articles about the Oscars out there… but IMDB really is the best place for all the gossip, all the picks and all the details on who won.

Surprise – Million Dollar Baby got up over The Aviator. Not quite as surprising was the Eastwood beat Scorcese for the directors award, which now puts Martin in the company of people like Alfred Hitchcock and Robert Altmann as a five times loser.

As for the rest of them, the shortest price favourite in history – Jamie Foxx for Ray, quite rightfully won. Cate Blanchett flew the Aussie flag high for The Aviator and got us another one, while Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman were kind of obvious winners.

It was great to see Charlie Kaufman finally win an Oscar for his “Eternal Sunshine” screenplay. I kind of expected him to win a few years ago, then I wasn’t sure if he ever would. Good stuff.

Of course, I’m not one to judge much this year, as “Eternal Sunshine” and “The Incredibles” were the only winners this year that I’ve seen so far. As much as I love the movies, it’s been kind of hard to get there with the little man to take care of. I can live with that, but hopefully the situation won’t last forever… because I’ve always loved the movies.

(Just to add, I wanted to fill this entry with IMDB pics, but they don’t seem to allow external linking… oh well, I know Yahoo do anyway…)

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