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Great day… great night.

Got the confirmation that I’ve got a new job. More about that when I have the contracts 🙂

Confirmed today that I’ve finally paid off all my HECS debt (six years after my final uni courses!) And since I apparently did this a while back, this could substantially increase my tax refund in a few months.

Went out tonight to the final game of the NBL Basketball final series – Sydney Kings v West Sydney Razorbacks. 2-2, and I’ve been a Kings fan from way back. Looked dire for a while, but…

KINGS WIN IT!!! 90-79. Amazing night, amazing come from behind victory, and a great second championship for the Sydney Kings.

Want to post more on this tomorrow, including pictures. Late end to a very good day 🙂

Just to start it off: One from the NBL site:

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