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Geting back into some projects again. The office still has a bunch of boxes, but it’s got a lot of clear area and all the furniture is together, so I’ve unpacked most things and it’s quite liveable.

We had our new flatmates move in over the weekend. A couple, Anne and Richard, similar age to us. Seem like nice people, it’s good to have them here, and they should relieve some of the financial pressure as well. Excellent.

Looking at a graphic novel thing now – a way of collecting my Meena story with some thematically related stuff I’m doing now. They can be mini’s first, then they can be collected later. More on that when it happens 🙂

Starting to have some fun with computer music gear again. I’ve been listening to more hip hop/electronic type stuff than ever before recently, and on opening a few programs I downloaded years ago, things seem to make more sense. My old gear is laid out in the room better than previously, so I’ll see where this goes. It’s interesting.

Continuing with the novel. Naturally. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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