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Um, I think I was going to add more on Supanova… maybe another time.

Having real troubles getting any writing done at the moment. It’s not that I’m busy, or that something better is being done instead. I really don’t know sometimes, but it’s an attitude problem that I can’t seem to control. Too much negative thought.

Anyway, I might be on the cusp of getting out of here finally (Canberra.) Had enough of the job, had enough of the town. Too many opportunities elsewhere. Some potential chances coming up soon – have to see which was they go.

Spent Easter up at Sydney (well, Windsor,) with Sallie. She’s been there for a month now, following job opportunities that she never seemed to be able to find here. Don’t blame her really, but I do miss her 🙁 Not much longer now hopefully.

Easter weekend was fun – except for the small detail of not having any water available! The house we stayed at is out of town a little so it runs off bore water, and somehow the pump broke, and they still can’t get it fixed. Just means we hung out and watched movies, ate out a lot, and took drives through the very nice countryside. It rained a lot, but that wasn’t so bad.

Got to address the attitude thing. I know that not writing properly is driving me nuts, but I don’t know why the negativity is so high right now. Well I do really, but these aren’t things that should stop me from doing it.

Got to make it happen because I know I can.

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