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Well it’s a wonderful world we’re living in right now… not. The big and obvious parts at least.

I do believe that in about 48 hours, there will be a war on. But this whole thing couldn’t get more disgustingly farcical. The blatant and open lies, the idiotic contradictions that abound, and the generally feeling that a wealthy cabal is taking the world for a ride.

Will the UN exist by the end of the year? Will war breakout on the Korean Peninsula? Will they even catch Saddam despite flattening his country and killing thousands of civilians? Who the hell knows?

You can bet though that the oil will keep flowing, the right people and the right corporations will get all the rebuilding contracts they want, and the politicians will have invented a new lie to get their approval polls back up there.

Or the world will be in turmoil, country after country will fall the revolutions, nuclear strikes will be common place, and we’ll all be fucked.

Hopefully there’s an alternative somewhere in between those two extremes.

Meanwhile, I’d rather get a new job, get some publishing contracts, and get the life I want to have – while we still have a choice about such things.

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