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Various things happening recently that I should keep note of here. As half the world knows, there were big peace protests last weekend. As beautiful as 300,000 people joining me for peace in Sydney was, I still can’t see us stopping anything, since Jackboot Johnny and Herr Bush are still so keen on their war – (what’s the difference between them and Saddam? Well at least Iraqi’s didn’t vote in Saddam.) But here’s some pics from the day anyway:

And I’ve got some more good words about Meena, this time from noted comics entrepreneur, writer and publisher, Larry Young. As soon as I can recover the emails (there’s a long story in that that I don’t want to know about anymore!) he sent to me, I’ll post them up here ๐Ÿ™

What else has been happening? Well, Sallie has no job anymore – she was told by Abigroup that they just had no more work for her. Hated it anyway, and wants out of Canberra as much as I do now. She’s been applying for jobs in Sydney mostly, but also some in Melbourne as they come up. I’ve applied for a bunch in Sydney, and one or two in Melbourne. Either of those cities would be good to get to now – somewhere like Newtown again, that we visited last week and couldn’t believe how much we missed it. Definitely want a place where no car is required, where everything is within walking distance (and occassional bus/train), and there’s always lots to do.

Hell, last week I heard that the Rolling Stones played the Enmore Theatre and they opened the doors so anyone on the street could listen to the show. Damn, that’s only something that could happen in the Newtown area.

I’m close to one job in Sydney (well, I haven’t *not* got it yet), and I’m applying for several more. My biggest worry is the transport costs in getting up to Sydney as required, now that I have no car. Good riddance to the thing though, wish I’d gotten rid of it 6 months ago. But there does seem to be more interesting jobs going than last year, so there should be some good chances.

Not to mention my writing opportunities of course. The whole Studio Ozone thing is close to happening, and I’ve got several projects on the move myself. I know I can make it happen.

Honestly, I can say that things are looking up. It’s hard to believe it sometimes, but things really should change very soon. Even though right now it’s no money and no action ๐Ÿ™‚ But if I can just get into the idea that this means more writing time, everything will be cool ๐Ÿ™‚

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