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Had a great new review for Meena by comic pro Steven Grant at his Permanent Damage column at Comic Book Resources. This is excellent stuff – there’s so many levels of compliment and flattery here. This will be used constantly in any future pimping I do:

“This mini-comic slipped out of the pile last week: MEENA: An Immigrant Tragedy (Stephen Turner; $2). Bleak and thoughtful, filled with reflections on racism in Turner’s homeland of Australia, it compares favorably with Sara Ryan and Steve Lieber’s exceptional ME AND EDITH HEAD; while artist iKE%mORPH isn’t as accomplished as Lieber, his work’s pretty effective here. It’s a brief tale of a young documentary filmmaker and his key subject, a Afghan doctor who escapes the Taliban for what he believes will be freedom in Australia, and both pays and extracts a terrible cost for it. It’s disturbing on several levels, and a fine job. Read it.”

I also saw copies of Meena for sale at Kings in Sydney, the best shop in the country and one of the best in the world. It’s a small thing, but it’s encouraging to see… 🙂

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