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Damn, I’m just not updating this like I should.

Either way, I’m redesigning the site to launch in a few weeks now. It will probably be better defined, but possibly even more lo-fi than this one 🙂

My minicomic MEENA launches in a few weeks at Comicfest. I’m mulling over the best options to get some attention for that. You never know where you might see it. The work is finished and I’m just working on the print options. Part of the website design will be for this project.

Comicfest (Nov 16-17) should be a great weekend. I’ll get to hangout with people I’ve known online for sometime, but only briefly met, if at all.

And I finally have some work of my own to show. That feels like an achievement in itself to me – regardless of how it’s received.

As for SNAPSHOT, well inevitably, it’s off to it’s last two Australian publishers. Actually, make that one, since the other has already returned it, stating that they “aren’t publishing any new fiction at this time”. I don’t know if that means right now, or permanently. Sometimes I wonder about local publishers.

Unfortunately, I don’t think SNAPSHOT will play in the US right now, but maybe the UK would be a chance. Agent queries there only, that’s for sure. Otherwise, I have some online ideas that I will make use of – this project will never be a waste.

And my new book is still moving ahead – slowly right now, but I know I can get into the groove.

And I finally got a Handspring Visor recently – beautiful and useful stuff. The Edge is the smallest, strongest and most stylish PDA out there, especially for the ridiculously low price I paid. Mobile handheld computing is truly the useful thing I imagined it to be. Looking for minimal extras only – it’s a true bargain that is already helping my productivity.

I’m making a lot of woodworking projects now as well – I’ve wanted to do something that isn’t computer related for years now. Most everything I do is in front of a computer – day job work or writing (or even comics,) so woodworking is fun and different. Might post some pics of my projects later on.

Well, bring on the big trip to Orange in two weeks (Happy Birthday Cath!) then bring on Comicfest…

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