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This is nuts…. I should be updating things more here, but one way or another it just isn’t happening right now.

First of all, I need to redesign my site – it was made nine months ago now at a time when my monitor was completely dead (hence no colours because I couldn’t even see them then.) I need something more colourful and more adaptive (have to grab that copy of Dreamweaver as well – the tool to use.)

I’d like to say I’ve been writing more than being here, but that isn’t entirely true. I’ve spent a lot of time revising my first novel (cut 20,000 words in a week,) but it’s still 132,000 words, which is probably still too long.

I got a rejection from the publisher I had the book at – a nice and personal rejection fortunately, and one that has given me plenty of ideas to improve upon. But I think I’ve done enough work on SNAPSHOT now, and after the massive cut, it’s probably all I can do without some interested guidance.

So it’s time to query the agents – as many at once as possible (otherwise it will take forever.) They need to know how serious I am about writing as a career… and how far I’ve come with my next book.

After that… I need to get right on with my new novel. It’s been a while between additions on that, but if I put SNAPSHOT behind me for the time being, my new book will be the only way to go.

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