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A word about that mysterious new ad below the menu bar – it’s not to make money! Apart from the fact that I don’t really get that many hits so far anyway, I’m getting a few, and I want to see where they are from.

My server only gives raw hit stats, and I want to know more. So I’ve signed up with hitbox and in exchange for that ad on my site I will have access to extensive webstat reports for this site. It’s really for my own curiousity and knowledge (and maybe even to plan ahead for the future audience I hope to have (or just to put my mind at ease as to the audience right now!)

Either way, it’s likely only temporary – at the most a month I suspect – just to see what I get. When I have a big enough audience that I really want to know who they are, I’ll definitely move to a bigger server that I pay for and includes this service as part of the deal. But I don’t really have the funds right now – though I know I will eventually!

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