Happy birthday to me…!

Another birthday, another day… quiet but nice. My boys are so good to me… constant “happy birthday’s” all morning, and afternoon, and night 🙂

Got to do some work at home for a couple of hours… totally legit stuff configuring iPads when they can’t be done at school. Let myself make a birthday lunch:

Homemade pizza with all the good stuff… and just coke with ice, though I could probably have done with stronger!

Nice pasta for dinner, and a surprising chance to see the International Space Station. Lachie was particularly impressed, I’d read about the chance yesterday. Just a small blip in the sky, but it was clear and visible and a first for us, I think:

But best of all is when my biggest fans sing me happy birthday 🙂

Will fled from the camera of course, and Sallie was just off to the side, but everyone was there. Happy birthday to me 🙂

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